According to Fred Sassani, a trainer at Bodies By Design Workout Room, individuals are at their best when they work together toward a common objective.

That is the guiding principle at Bodies By Design Workout Room, a Pflugerville fitness centre specialising on small-group personal training.

Ninette Winston, Master Trainer, founded Bodies By Design 21 years ago, relocating between multiple locations in Pflugerville until landing on a facility on Vision Drive 13 years ago.

Bodies By Design is still led by Sassani and colleague team leader Donovan Owens.

Sassani and Owens grew raised in Pflugerville and attended Pflugerville High School together. That experience, according to Sassani, helped form the team-oriented approach he brings to Bodies By Design.

“When we stopped playing football, we recognised that we didn’t have that team around us,” Sassani explained.

Prospective clients must first meet with a trainer to evaluate if they are a suitable match for the gym’s group-oriented concept.

Following the first interview, customers are subjected to a battery of tests using an InBody equipment to assess parameters such as body fat percentage, muscle mass, and water density.

“It’s a really specific test that provides us a clear knowledge of what that person’s need is, rather than just saying, ‘Hey, everybody’s doing this, and you should, too,'” Sassani explained.

Clients may get to work in small-group training sessions using the exercise room’s broad assortment of equipment once a plan is in place.

Bodies By Design has recently expanded to include facilities for an orthopaedic massage therapist and a physical therapist adjacent to the training room. According to Owens, the expansion positions Bodies By Design as a full-service wellness centre.

Finally, according to Sassani, Bodies By Design is a place for people who are serious about their ambitions.

“Everyone who comes here is really serious about their work,” Sassani remarked. “If folks don’t come here, if we don’t see them within 48 hours, they’ll receive a call… because accountability is a huge thing they ask for when they come here, so we do hold them responsible.”